At the AGM held at WMYC on Monday 24th, the Trust was pleased to announce that following our presentation to at a meeting of the Anglian (Eastern) Regional Flood & Coastal Committee on Friday 21st April the Committee approved our request for funding the total costs of the proposed Recharge and follow up activities such as monitoring and maintenance totalling around £340,000.

Our submission of the Environmental Statement and application for consents was submitted to the Marine Management Organisation in November. They have put it out for consultation to interested parties such as Natural England, Historic England and local authorities as well as the public. The consultation period is now finished and the MMO have provided us with an initial summary of responses received which are basically very favourable, but still require a few answers, which will not present a problem. We therefore expect a final response in the next few weeks, and will advise you

However we still have to negotiate the supply and delivery of the material from Harwich Harbour Authority although they have now indicated that, owing to current conditions in global shipping markets, their dredging programme is likely to be deferred until possibly 2022-23. There is still a lot of work for us to do in preparation for the Recharge but we are confident that we will be ready when the time comes.